December 4, 2016

Mary's Song- The Promise - Luke 1:26-55

Preacher: Heath Haynes Series: Advent - 2016 Scripture: Luke 1:26–55

This Advent Season we are looking at different Messiah's Songs. The first week we look at Mary and the Promise of the upcoming Savior and fufilment of the scriptures.

Sermon Text: Luke 26-55

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Questions for further Reflection

1) Why did Jesus have to come to earth?
2) Take a moment and record all of the miraculous things you notice in this text.
3) How would you have responded if you were Mary? (Think before you answer)
4) What was it about MAry's interaction with Elizabeth that made her respond with such rejoicing?
5) Take some time to research the history of God's promise with the people of Israel. You can find some helpful resources on the resources page of our website.
6) What are you grateful for in the coming of Jesus?
7) How can your life better reflect the reality that the Messiah has already come and becuase of Him you can know a holy God and walk in an incorruptible hope?

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