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Zechariah's Song - Preparation - Luke 1:57-79

December 11, 2016 Speaker: Heath Haynes Series: Advent - 2016

Passage: Luke 1:57–1:59

This Advent season we will be looking at different Messiah Songs. This week is Zecheriah's Song after the birth of his son, John (the Baptizer). The theme for Advent this week is Preparation.

Sermon Text: Luke 1:57-79

Broader Context: Luke 1:5-25 & Luke 3:1-22

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Questions For Further Reflection

  1. Why was Zecheriah made to be silent after questioning the angel in 1:18?
  2. How would you have responded if you were Zecheriah?
  3. What is an area of your life you need to surrender or repent of?
  4. What is area of your life that you are lacking belief in the promises of God?
  5. Who is someone in your life that you have an opportunity to call to belief and repentance in Jesus as our Savior and hope of the world?
  6. What are you grateful for in the coming of Jesus?
  7. How can your life better reflect the reality that the Messiah has already come and because of Him you can know a holy God and walk in an incorruptible hope?
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