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 If you have any further questions about connecting with a House Church, please email karen@thebridgehtx.org 


The Bridge HTX exists as a network of House Churches spread throughout the city of Houston. Simply put, a House Church is a community of followers of Jesus commited to one another and the mission of the Gospel. We are pursuing to love God, love people, share Jesus, and do it together.

People always ask about our worship gatherings. Foundationally, we would first invite each other to pursue the life of worship that goes beyond any one gathering as shown in Romans 12:1-2 knowing that the most impactful way to experience AND express both the love and mission of Jesus is through smaller transformational communities and relationships.

With that being said, our House Churches do gather together regularly to worship and fellowship in homes throughout our community. Our pursuit is to embody the characteristics spoken in Acts 2:42 where we see a commitment to the Word of God, prayer, deep relationships, and the gratefulness of communion. When we are togehter, we pursue to be personal over programmed,  participatory over passive, and in relationships instead of sitting in rows.

As we gather, you will see that we value our fellowship with God and one another through His Word, that we love lifting up praises to God, that we value each other and strive to take responsibility of each other's spiritual well-being, and that we consider it a gift of grace to be called together. Each house church gathering will look different because it is the unique gifting of those in that house church coming together that will shape how they pursue and live out those opportunities.

It must be acknowledged that our deepest purposes go beyond our weekly gathering: it is vital that our life together and pursuing Gospel mission is present in our everyday life. We shepherd and encourage every person in our community to commit to three pursuits:

1. Pursue fellowship with Jesus daily in His Word and in personal prayer.
2. Pursue deep relationships with one another.
3. Pursue to live with Gospel intentionality to your neighbors.

Each house has a shepherding leader(s) that is stewarding the disciplemaking ministry of that house church and The Bridge has a group of overseeing elders and a staff (find out more about them HERE) that shepherd, resource, and support each House Church. 

While we normally gather in homes or other spaces as our house churches, on the second Sunday of the month, all of our house churches gather together for our collective Worship Gathering. These gatherings are a time for us all to come together for worship, to share stories of Gospel transformation, and celebrate what the Lord has been doing across all of our communities. 

More Details about our collective gatherings HERE

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