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Heath Haynes- Movement Director and Elder

Heath grew up in Georgia but has lived in Houston for since 2005. Heath and Amber were married shortly after and now have two fun and adventurous kids. Heath felt called into ministry at nineteen though he did not know exactly what that looked like. Over the next 17 years, Heath saw this calling play out in many opportunities for ministry with many different types of people in many different settings around the country and the world. 

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Travis Hall- Elder

Travis grew up in Houston and attended Texas A&M (Whoop!) where he met his wife Libby. After spending time abroad and West Texas made it back to Houston in 2012 where they found a home at Grace Bible Church, which led them to join in on the adventure of planting The Bridge. Travis is a leader in the Westside House Church.

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Karen Campbell- Director of Organization and Connections

Karen grew up in Houston and after attending college at Texas A&M, she came back to pursue a career in manufacturing supply chain. In 2014, she asked God to do something radical in her life which lead her to join The Bridge Montrose in its early stages and eventually leave her corporate job in the fall of 2015 to be the first full time staff member at The Bridge. Karen is a leader in the Montrose House Church. 

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