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the bridge reading plan

Fwe commit to a journey of transformation together toward Jesus for the glory of God.

Acts 2:42 - "And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers." (ESV) 


Starting November 27th- God With US: A Journey to Hope in this Season of Advent

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We are full of anticipation about what is ahead for us all as we share in this journey of seeking Jesus in this Advent season. The word “Advent” is latin for coming. It speaks to the coming of our Messiah, Jesus. But, just as much as Advent is about coming, it is also about waiting. We identify and connect to those who came before us- they were waiting for the coming of the promised Messiah. We are waiting for that Messiah’s return. We live in the present promise of Jesus and are called to wait with hope for the completely fulfilled redeeming work of Christ on the last day when He makes all things right once again. This is the already but not yet tension. The satisfied and anticipating. The hopeful and the hope-filled. Therefore, Advent and, more specifically, Christmas is not just about a baby being born but, rather, the utter fulfillment of all things. All that we are focusing on is centered on Jesus. Unto Jesus, by Jesus, through Jesus.

This devotional anchors in the first chapters of Luke but explores the riches of all of Scripture as God’s unified story that leads to Jesus. We encourage you to go through this study in community, Sunday being day one and done together in House Churches.


Advent is about anticipation and waiting well. This week, we focus on the anticipated PROMISE. How do we wait well though? What does that mean? How much assurance does a promise give? It depends on the Promise Maker. We wait well when we have assurance. That assurance allows us to live our days in the midst of waiting with hopefulness, fullness, gratitude, purpose, and joy. The Promise of our Messiah, Jesus, is one that has great assurance because it is the full expression of who our glorious God and Heavenly Father is in His infinite holiness, goodness, and love. Allow yourself to be drawn into the realities of the love and character of God as we look to Scripture as the unified story that points to Jesus and that "for all of the promises of God find their yes in Him.” (2 Corinthians 1:20)


Day 1: Sunday- Luke 1:26-56

Day 2, Monday - Genesis 1:26-30; Genesis 2:16-17; Genesis 3:11-19

Jesus was always part of the plan. God knew Adam and Eve would sin against Him, but He created them anyway. He would use the Fall to glorify Him. How? He had a plan and in verse 3:15 we hear the first promise of a Savior, "I will put enmity between you and the woman." How are we like Adam and Eve? Do you have hope in the Promise of a Savior? Praise God that He is always in control. Praise God for His sovereignty. Pray for an open heart during this season of Advent. Pray that any barriers that have made you feel distant from God be taken away. Pray for hope during this time and beyond.

Day 3, Tuesday - Genesis 12:1-3; Exodus 6:6-7

These passages are two examples of God making (and keeping) His promises. Why is it important that God keeps His promises? How does reading about God’s faithfulness to fulfill these promises bring hope to us today? How do these tie into the promised Messiah? Praise God for His faithfulness! Praise God that you are a part of His family promised to Abraham. Reflect on how personal God is when He says “I will be your God.” Spend time in silence and draw closer to God.

Day 4, Wednesday - Isaiah 7:14; John 1:14-18

Immanuel means “God with us.” How do you experience God being with you today? Why is it so important that God sent Jesus to us? Praise God for His grace. Praise God that His Promise is fulfilled through Jesus. Pray for a step of faith that you can take knowing that God is with you.

Day 5, Thursday - Zechariah 9:9-13

These verses talk about a coming King. What characteristics of that King bring comfort to you? Focus on how he was described and what He will do. How does this point to Jesus as our King? How can you draw hope from this text? Praise and Rejoice that God keeps His promises. Praise Him for the work He has done in your life and pray for Him to continue to shape and mold you as His image bearer.

Day 6, Friday - Acts 3:24-26

What does it mean for you to be a part of Abraham’s family? How do you relate to those who are also a part of the family of God? How are you convicted about those who are not a part of the family? What are the sins in your life that have been defeated through Christ? What are the sins that are still holding you back? Confess and surrender those to God. Pray for those in the family of God. Pray for those outside of the family of God.

Day 7, Saturday - Revelation 21: 1-7

God keeps his promises. He sent us His Son Jesus, fulfilling many of His promises and prophecies, BUT God is not finished. The promise made in the Garden will be fully complete in the coming days. God will reestablish His kingdom as described in Revelation. What do you feel when you read this passage? How do you hope in that promise while living in this present? Pray for God’s glorious return. Pray that people will get a taste of that Kingdom today. Pray for Gospel urgency for people in your life to come to know Jesus and their salvation.




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