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Planned For & Promised- Advent 2020 Week 2

December 6, 2020 Speaker: Heath Haynes Series: The Hope of Jesus- Advent 2020

Scripture: Romans 15:8–13

The Second Week of Advent, Heath Haynes, teaches about how the hope we so desperately need and want was planned for and promised by the work of Jesus.

Advent Week 2 Devotional

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Application/Discussion Questions 

Questions from the end of the sermon

- How does it bring comfort to you to know that God is in control?
- Does the reality of God’s planned for and promised restoration for you today change the way you see your everyday purpose and circumstances?
- Is there anything you need to surrender in order to abide in a confidence of the Hope God gives in Christ?
- How can you help others know and experience that planned for and promised hope of Jesus this Advent season?

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