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How Should We Then Live?- The Spiritual Discipline of Study

May 5, 2019 Speaker: Heath Haynes Series: Spiritual Disciplines

Passage: John 8:31–8:32

The Spiritual Discipline of Study.

Study is an inward discipline of engagement where we willfully and intentionally engage with, above all else, the written and spoken Word of God.

Main Scripture: John 8:31-32

Other Scripture References: 1 Timothy 3:16-17, Acts 2:42, Romans 12:1-2, Philippians 4:8, Psalm 119:9-11

A spiritual discipline is shown to be anything that is an effort to take appropriate measure to grow in godliness and deny our life of flesh that leads us away from God and our identity in Christ.

The disciplines do not save or transform, only Jesus does that but they are guides: 


  • They Guide us to deeper Intimacy With God
  • They guide us to grow in Christ-likeness
  • They guide us to Greater Victory and Freedom from Sin

Some disciplines are pursued by Abstaining or pulling away from certain things while others are pushed by engaging certain actions and behaviors. 



  • Inward disciplines: Individual pursuits primarily oriented toward personal attitude change and developing the inward reality of a transformed person.
  •  Outward Disciplines: Individual pursuit primarily oriented toward personal behavioral change resulting in an outward lifestyle that reveals the manner of the Messiah to the world around
  • Corporate or Communal Disciplines: Individual pursuit expressed and experienced as part of the Body of Christ


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