January 21, 2018

Your Work is to Believe- Romans 4: 1-8

Preacher: Heath Haynes Series: Romans Scripture: Romans 4:1–8

Sermon Text: Romans 4: 1-8


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Questions for further Study and Reflection

  • Have you ever had something challenged that you held strongly to be true? How did you respond?
  • As you read and reflect on these verses, think about how the Jewish people felt having their entire history and tradition as they understood it challenged.
  • If you believe that Jesus is your Savior, how would you summarize what it takes to be saved? (Why you need a savior, how you are saved, and what the result is)
  • Is the Truth of our justification being in the work of Christ instead of your work challenging to you, comforting to you, or a combination of both? Why?
  • Justification is a judicial term. Place yourself in the courtroom in the case determining you sentence. Who/what is the dependent? Who/what is the plaintiff? Who/what is the lawyer/advocate? Who/what is the judge? Who/what is the jury?
  • What does these verses teach about the Character/person of God?
  • What do these verses teach you about yourself/mankind?
  • In what ways do you need to respond in obedience to the teaching in these verses?
  • Do you know anyone that needs to hear what you have learned?




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