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Where is your allegiance? James 4:1-10

March 26, 2017 Speaker: Matt Clinger Series: James

Passage: James 4:1–4:10

As we study the book of James, we will see how faith and works are inseparable in our living out the life in Jesus Christ.

Sermon Text: James 4:1-10

Broader Context: James 1:5-8, 3:13-4:11

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Questions for further study

  • How is the theme of jealousy and selfishness (and their effects) carried over from 3:13-18?
  • How would you summarize James' overall topic in 4:1-10?
  • Verse 3 shows that God will not honor requests made for selfish gain. 1 --- - John 5:14 says to "ask according to his will". How do we go about knowing and asking in accordance with his will? (We obviously can't know God's hidden will, only his revealed will.)
  • Reflect of the incompatibility of pursuing the ways of the world vs pleasing God (Verse 4)
  • How would you explain verse 4 in non-Christianese language? What is meant by "friendship with the world"?
  • Is the incompatibility between worldly ways and God obvious? Can you think of some examples of when it is obvious and when it is less so?
  • How can you tell if a desire is godly or worldly?
  • Read this verse and John 15:19 and reflect on how living as a Christian should look in our society. Think of specifics that could be applicable to you or those in our church.
  • How can the analogy of adulterous wife and good, loving husband help us to understand the 'negative/harsh' reactions attributed to God in this text ('yearns jealously', 'opposes the proud')? What would it mean if God was not jealous?
  • Can you think of examples of when we tend to "laugh" at (make light of) sin? Of society telling us that we should laugh at sin?
  • What does this passage teach you about God?
  • What does this passage teach you about mankind/yourself?
  • How does this passage point to Jesus/teach the Gospel?
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