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What is wisdom and where can I get some? James 1:5-8

January 29, 2017 Speaker: Heath Haynes Series: James

Passage: James 1:5–1:8

As we study the book of James, we will see how faith and works are inseparable in our living out the life in Jesus Christ.

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Discussion/Study Questions

  • How does wisdom help you go through trials?
  • James tells us to ask for wisdom if we are lacking.
  •  What is this wisdom we are told to ask for?
  • Are we ever not lacking wisdom?
  • Read Matthew 7:7-11 to understand the heart of God in how he responds to those who ask with right motive
  • What does it mean to be without reproach?
  • Why does James make such an emphatic statement that we must ask in faith with no doubting?
  • In view of what you know of God and the work accomplished in Christ, how should we understand vs. 6-8? Do not forget to consider this from an inductive approach (consider all matters of context)
  • Do you think verse 7 is speaking of salvation/redemption or of the other gifts God gives in this life? Read James 4:7-10 and Ephesians 4:14 for a clearer perspective. (Remember, James is writing to Jewish Christ-followers)
  • Prayerfully consider why doubting is spoken against so strongly when it is an inescapable part of the human faith. Record your thoughts.
  • How are you like those you understand James is writing to?
  • What is comforting to you about these verses?
  • What is an area of your life that is not reflecting this comfort?
  • What is convicting to you about these verses?
  • What is an area of you life you need to turn from in response to this conviction.
  • Who can you share these comforts and convictions with?
  • Verse 8 speaks of resolute belief. How is it that belief can be the greatest remedy to these needs instead of just trying to change your behavior?
  • What does this passage reveal about God?
  • What does this passage reveal about you/mankind?
  • How does this passage point to Jesus/teach the Gospel?
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