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Jonah Chapter 1

September 25, 2016 Speaker: Heath Haynes Series: Jonah

Passage: Jonah 1:1–1:16

Jonah wasn't the best prophet but we can learn a lot about God and ourselves by looking at this story. 

Sermon Text: Jonah 1:1-16

Broader Context: Jonah 1-4 

Questions for Further Reflection and Study

1) What does this passage reveal about the character and ability of God?
2) What words would you use to describe Jonah?
3) Who do you identify with in this passage? (Jonah, Sailors, People of Nineveh, God?)
4) What questions are being asked of Jonah?
5) How would you respond to those questions?
6) How do you feel about your enemies?
7) How do you think God feels about your enemies?

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Personal Study Guide linked HERE

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