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Advent II - Preparation

December 7, 2014 Speaker: Heath Haynes Series: Advent - 2014

Passage: Luke 3:3–3:14

In our second week of Advent, we focus on "Preparing" for the coming Messiah. John the Baptist was called to prepare the way for the coming Messiah as he cried out as one from the wilderness a message of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.

As we live in the present age where Christ has already come, we are compelled to live a life of preparation. A preparation of self and of the world around. We do this by repenting, shedding ourselves of sin more and more each day and living in such a way that awakens the world around us to the reality of the Kingdom of God the rule and reigh of a Soveriegn Holy God.

Open Tranformation Group Study Template Info:

  • Sermon Text - Luke 3:3-14
  • Greater Sermon Text - Luke 1:1 - 3:22
  • Main Idea - We can prepare ourselves by acknowledging Jesus as Savior, repenting of our sin and finding forgiveness. We can then prepare the world and people around us by living in such away the manifests the very heart of God and His Truth to the world around us thus awakening all to the reality of the Kingdom of God.

Here is a link to our Study Template to help you pursue the Truth of God in His Word on your own.

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