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Thursday Leftovers - Waiting on Jesus

Every week, there are things that I encounter in my study and preparation for the week's teaching. This week we looked at Mark 5:21-42 and leaned into how we should respond when God's timing results in us waiting in anguish in what seems to be neglect. You can listen to the sermon HERE. Actually, please do listen to it if you are able, it will help this post have more cont...

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Agents of Justice


How can we ever expect to see true justice in our world? How can we be part of that justice?...

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What consumes you?

When you sit and think about your life, do you think about Jesus? Do you think about God? What dominates your thoughts? You'd be surprised to know how much that affects you....

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Church Dictionary: Part 1

"Just Because It's English Doesn't Mean It's the Same Language." Sometimes things get said in church over and over and we end up forgetting what they actually mean. In part one, we discuss "Christian", "Church," and "Gospel."...

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4 Ways to Be a Good Neighbor

Want to be a better neighbor in your community? Pastor Heath describes four ways to be a good neighbor....

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Words come easy, but don't mean much.

Pastor Heath Haynes discusses how our actions and words should align, and the responsibility we have as individuals within a church body, Christianity, and the world as a whole. ...

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How to Battle Busyness

Pastor Heath Haynes discusses busyness, priorities, and how we can live our lives with Christ as our balance....

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